Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happiest moment in 2014

October 29 2014 Wednesday

Day 1

This is the first day of my Happiest Moment, my husband will
be arriving from Japan for a vacation from His work at the cruise ship. He was away for 10 months that's why we have to spend more time bonding with Him. This time our family is complete again

What will be our activities? I still don't know and have no plans yet but I know everyday will be a memorable one for our family may it be #foodtrip, #restohopping, #malling,#movie. To God be the Glory.

To be continued...just hang in there

The 5th Taste

Food Review:

 Japanese resto with a taste that people will surely love. The resto located at San Juan and the place is so cozy that it can accommodate certain number of people. If you hear the Japanese restaurant you will expect some interior which has Japanese touch, but when you enter it so modern and yet the food are so authentic. The taste is of course Japanese recipe and presentation, but there is a twist in the taste.I enjoyed and loved eating the Kani Salad Pizza, the crust is thin that you can really taste the flavor of the cheese and vegetable. Another is the 5th taste Lasagna, the taste was so delicious that it really impressed me. It's like a taste of  Italian and Japanese flavor combined.

                                                         The Entrance

                                                     The Cozy Ambiance

                                                                         The Food   

                                                                                                           Kani Salad Pizza
                Unagi Pizza



                                                                                                The 5th Taste Lasagna
           Classic Prawn Tempura

                                                            The Manager

                                                               The Chef

                              The Foodie Blogger with the Zomato Team

Thank you The 5th Taste and zomato team

@zomato.ph, #FoodieMeetUp, #Foodieblogger, #zomatoph,#zomato

It's Meant TB

Today in our society the most common sickness that people are afraid are cancer, leukemia, AIDS, Ebola, But they forgot that a lot of people still die of Tuberculosis. As far as I remember when my kids are young they had Primary Complex which the Doctor explained as TB for children, it should be treated everyday for 6 months. I asked how did they acquire it they told me it's a viral disease that they can get from people contaminated with TB.
This campaign is so educational that is why I attended because I still  have questions about the Primary Complex.

From TB to MDR-TB to XDR-TB

Tuberculosis (TB) is a curable disease if diagnosed promptly and adequately treated. A risk of developing multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), however, increases due to failure to complete the prescribed six-month treatment (i.e., directly observed treatment, short course or TB DOTS), inapt treatment regimen or unreliable supply of drugs. MDR-TB is resistant to the two most powerful and commonly used drugs in the first-line regimen: isoniazid and rifampicin. Treatment for MDR-TB requires expensive second-line anti-TB drugs, which must be administered for a minimum of two years or longer.

            From MDR-TB emerges an even more fatal TB—the Extremely drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB), also known as Extensively drug-resistant TB. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that an average of roughly 5 %t of MDR-TB cases are XDR-TB. This form of TB poses a more serious and complicated threat to the lives of those infected because of its resistance to first- and second-line drugs. Treatment options therefore are very limited. Reports reveal that an estimated 70% of XDR-TB patients die within a month of diagnosis.

            Medical treatment of TB requires serious commitment in order to effectively cure patients and avoid further complications. Early detection of TB together with its proper management prevents the emergence of drug-resistant TB. Likewise, adequate treatment of MDR-TB prevents the emergence of XDR-TB.

The talked we attended was so interesting, there where different topics that really opened my mind about TB. Questions like:
                                         How is TB Treated?
                                         Who could get TB?
                                         Reasons Why Treatments Don't Work?
                                         Truth and Myth about TB

                                            TB Meet Up at Ally's All Day Breakfast

They also have TB Articles like:

                                                      August 19 is National TB Day

Signed on July 30, 1996, President Fidel V. Ramos by virtue of Proclamation No. 840 declared August 19 as National Tuberculosis Day. (Read the proclamation here:

With the aim to promote awareness on tuberculosis (TB)—an infectious yet curable disease which to date is the sixth leading cause of death in the Philippines—National TB Day is celebrated in August in observance also of National Tuberculosis Awareness Month.

At the same time, August 19 commemorates the birth of President Manuel L. Quezon who died of TB more than 70 years ago.  Today marks the late President’s 136th birthday anniversary—a non-working holiday in Quezon City, Quezon and Aurora provinces.

For 18 years now, the Department of Health (DOH) together with Local Government Units (LGU) thru its National TB Program (NTP) has been strengthening its campaign to eliminate TB cases in the country by raising knowledge and awareness on the early detection and treatment of TB.

                                                     UP celebrates #TBday

In observance of the National Tuberculosis Awareness Month, the UP College of Mass Communication (UPCMC) held its #TBday event yesterday, August 18, 2014. Faculty, staff and students gathered at the CMC Annex Lobby for a series of activities.*

Dr. Samuel Duran of the East Avenue Medical Center graced the event to express his gratitude to DZUP as partner in raising the awareness on TB. DZUP’s Ms. Ivy Claudio, in response, explained the significance of utilizing radio and online media platforms to achieve this goal.

Throughout the event, people expressed their support by liking the TB or not TB Facebook Page and by using “I Support #TBDay” on their Facebook and Twitter posts.

www.tbornottb.com.ph is a project of the DOH in partnership with DZUP for its TB awareness campaign.

*August 19 is officially declared as National Tuberculosis Day, but coincides with Quezon Day—a non-working holiday.
                                           TB Day in Antipolo

To cap off National Tuberculosis (TB) Awareness Month, the DZUP-DOH team held a #TBday event last Saturday, August 30, 2014, at Cansantville Colleges, Antipolo City. Students from Grade 1-9, together with their families, participated in fun and educational activities, which revolved around fighting the stigma and debunking the myths and misconceptions about TB.

Aimed at raising TB knowledge and awareness on primary school learners, Cansantville Colleges would be the first of a series of school visits by the DZUP-DOH team. The team is slated to visit more schools around Metro Manila in the coming weeks.

                            TB DOTS Clap for a TB-Free Philippines

Recently, the TB or Not TB Team visited two schools in Quezon City for its #TBDay school tour—San Vicente Elementary School (September 8) and North Fairview Elementary School (September 22).

As part of the Department of Health’s (DOH) campaign to raise awareness on tuberculosis (TB), the students participated in fun and educational activities, which centered on fighting the stigma and debunking the myths and misconceptions about the disease.

Moreover, the highlight of the #TBDay school tour was the teaching of a children’s clap game. Called “TB DOTS Clap Game,” it aims to educate students about TB DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short-Course), an effective method recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to cure TB and stop its spread in communities. In the Philippines, TB DOTS is offered for free thru accredited DOTS Centers.

For More information about TB you can visit the website at www.tbornottb.com.ph

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cherish the Memory of Your Departed Love Ones at Aeternum Columbary Park

Grieving over a love one is something all of us experience. It may be a parent, siblings, relative, friends or just acquaintance. Surely we will miss the presence of the person and we will
mourn for their loss but it is just physical separation. You will just remember the memories you had when they were around. But we must admit and move on with the reality that they are in a better place than we are. Eternal place with no pain and suffering.
Usually we only visit them on All Souls Day which we only celebrate once a year since they are the ones who need to be remembered. Since we are busy with our everyday lives we celebrate this event for like overnight or sometimes just visiting the tomb of how many hour.

The reason for that is that they are having a hard time to look for a convenient place  and reminisce the memories of our departed love ones.

Aeternum Columbaruium, a place located at Makati, City is a spacious Memorial Park that offers cremation partnered with Arlington, so they are the one assigned for the funeral services of the departed ones.

                                               Ecumenical Church

                                  Family Room

                         family room has a lounge for relatives that needs to relax.


                                                 vault where they put the urn.

         The interior itself shows that every facilities is made of high quality top grade construction materials.

                                             Man made  lagoon and waterfalls

Marked as “The Country’s First True Garden Columbary”, the picturesque landscape of Aeternum Garden was so marvelous that I felt so relaxed and felt how it is to be in heaven. For me this is realky a haven of peace in the middle of the chaos sorrounding.
With Aeternum Garden’s features and amenities, anybody can experience that spirit of peace and satisfaction, we evem took a photo because it doesn't even look like a memorial park. The Man-made lagoon & waterfalls caught my attention first.You won't feel scared walking at night because of the numerous lamp posts & relaxing music.It also has an Ecumenical Columbary Chapel which is open to any.Relgion.The place is managed and maintained by professionals, there is also a Coffee shop with wi-fi connection. Parking space is not a problem because they have ample space to park.
Here sre some rates of the vault if you are interested:
 Aeternum Columbary in Heritage Park 
With Aeternum’s perpetual ownership of the niche and vault, perpetual care is included as well.  It gives you no hassle since no rental and maintenance fees are to be compensated.
The packages are very affordable and starts from Php 105K which varies depending on the services that will be availed i.e. a complete package cost PHP 295,000 and each vault can house up to four (4)standard-sized urns.
Aeternum Columbary is the only columbarium I knew that allow premiums to be paid up to ten (10) years, which can be amortized for as low as 1K monthly.  And with the mortgage redemption insurance (MRI) that is included in the premium being paid, I will no longer care about the balance to be completed when that unexpected time comes.
With the Aeternum’s easy and flexible payment terms, me and my family can be promised that whatever happens, we don’t have to care. In life we have to always prepared. Remember this tag line... Live well and Leave well.

For more inquiries and reservation purposes feel free to visit the website at

Facebook: AeternumColumbary

Instagram: @AeternumGarden

Saturday, October 18, 2014

National Coffee Day

To all coffee lovers out there, go and bond with friends or relative and sio a cup of this new and amazing coffee.

Let us help the Filipino Farmers and patronize our local coffee from batangas bukidnon, benguet, cavite, kaling apayao, davao and, claveria.

Share a cup of Coffee and Help Farmers!

#CoffeeStory, #FreeCoffee, #CoffeeBloggersForum

Friday, October 17, 2014

Del Monte 30th Anniversary

Delmonte Kitchenomics Celebrate it's 30th Anniversary

It is a simultaneous  cooking event held n Manila, Cebu and Davao

                         Mommies on Parade, those who will be joining the cook-off

                                                  Carla Abellana graced the event

                                                       My time to cook

                                                    Ampalaya Dish

                                                          Sinigang Dish

                                                           Photo with the Chef

                                                            Done Cooking

Stronger for Longer: More Years, Better Lives with Enervon Prime

                                    Launching of the New Enervon Prime at Aracama

                               Dra. Cheridine P. Oro-Josef, MD, DFM, FPAFP, FPCGM
                                                        Talks about Sarcopenia

                                                Effect of Sarcopenia to the body

                    Malnutrition is a problem because most of the adults muscle is deteriorating

We made an exercise by wearing a potholder and doing a close open exercise
                                                         for like 3-4 mins

                                        After which we tried to open a closed jar
  Gladly i was able to open it, according to Dra, Cheridine that is the feeling of an ageing person.

Ageing is associated with numerous physical challenges, one of the most common being the gradual and progressive loss of muscle mass a condition known as Sarcopenia.

This condition leads to decline in strength and functionality, making it difficult for those over 50 to carry bag of groceries, climb up a stairs and maintain balance, Though the loss of muscle mass is inevitable, there are ways to delay and reduce the risk of Sarcopenia,

High nutritional intake of protein and vitamin D together with regular resistance exercise may help reduce the risk and improve muscle health, allowing Filipino adults to continue enjoying their passion such as dancing, playing sports, travelling and spending time with their family and friends.

That is why Enervon Prime is introduced so that the loss of muscle can be delay. As early as the age of 40, and by the age of 60, our body would have lost 20 percent of it's total muscle mass. By age 70, our body would only have 15 percent muscle and adipose tissue our fat is 40 percent.
 Aside from the healthy drink they will also holding different events for Seniors which will make them feel productive and special.

The Senior Prom Series is a series of decade-themed prom nights one Friday every month starting October until January 2015. Guest can sing dance to their favorite songs from the 50's to the 80's.
Primetime Seniors Prom 50's Flashback on October 24, 2014 at the RJ Bistro in Dusit Hotel Makati.
Ticket prices are at Php 1000 per person inclusive of entrance to the party, dinner and participation in fun games and activities plus gift packs from Enervon Prime. Tickets are available at RJ Bistro and Guitar Stores.

Scheduled in December is, the Senior Productivity Fair is a one day event that brings together all fun and exciting activities that adult can engage. It can cater their own interests and hobbies from arts and craft, firness, travel, education, fashion to volunteerism. They canenroll in 1-3 month long workshops to learn from the expert, and find out more about Sarcopenia.

We at Enervon Prime are excited to be part of the next chapter of our consumers' lives.

                                                      Enervon Prime Speakers