Thursday, March 27, 2014

K5 Learning Program

Hi Homeschooling moms check this out. A new program for our kids.

About K5 Learning
K5 Learning is an online reading and math program for kids from kindergarten through grade 5. Our intent is to help kids build reading, math and study skills through independent study. K5 is designed for use at home, after-school, on weekends and during the summer, and can also be used in conjunction with a homeschooling program.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wow for Owl! Different Coffee Experience

Filipinos are known as coffee lovers, that's why coffee shops here in the Country never ran out of customers. Even when Taiwan introduced their milk tea products, Filipinos enjoyed the drink and tea shops were put up here which became the competitors of coffee shops. But it was also good because non coffee drinker can enjoy milktea.

Last March 17 i had the chance to attend the launching of a product that Filipinos love to drink. Owl -is Singapore's leading
coffee and tea brand.The affair was hosted by Tony Toni of Magic 89.9.

The highlight of the event was a coffee talk conducted by Robert Francisco, a renowned Coffeology Expert and Coffee Connoisseur. And It was an honor for us meet the high ranking people who made Owl Coffee famous in Singapore and now they are here.

We were also tried a touch of filipino-singaporean coffee by chocnut coffee flavor which is so delicious.

Owl coffee was established last 1956 as a partnership - Sin Hup Huat Co. became Singapore's Leading brand and now it is exported to over 17 countries across the globe. For 50 their promise to preserve  and share the Asian Straits coffee culture through: time-tested recipes and flavours and time-tested methods are met.

Owl coffee has different variants that will suit your taste and lifestyle. They have 3-in-1 Strong, 3-in-1 Regular low fat for diet conscious individuals. But my favorite which i tasted during the launching was the Owl's White Coffee sweetened with coconut sugar and my daughter loves the milk tea.

my cup of white coffee during the launching. So like it!

the teh tarik milktea which may daughter tried.

The different variants of Owl Coffee

 To all coffee lovers out there what are you waiting there? Experience the Owl coffee and watch out for "The Owl Made Me Do It" caravan going around the metro Q.C, Pasig, Makati you might bring home a limited edition Owl Tumbler.

Catch the Owl now available at your leading groceries, supermarkets and convenient stores, and hypermarkets nationwide.

my daughter with DJ Tony Toni at the Cocoon hotel Owl's launching.

Thank you for the sample product now we can have an owl coffee experience at home.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Starbucks Treat

Congratulations Caramel Macchiato! Mark your calendar on March 17 when you buy a cup of caramel macchiato hot, cold or ice blended you gat another one for free! So what are you waiting for let us celebrate with the caramel macchiato team.

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Hooray for Mc Donalds

This March 17 is National Breakfast Day, so you can get a "free" Mc Muffin Sandwich at Mc Donalds. it will start at 6am and the first 1000 clients will be able to avail of the free Mc Muffin Sandwich so save the date and see you!

Thank you Mc Donalds

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Hobbes & Landes Summer Workshop

Hi mommies looking for activity that will make your kids play and learn at the same time? here is a workshop offered by Hobbes & Landes this summer. 

It's a creative way of learning science. Your kids can make arts through experiments. For sure the moms can also learn from it especially hands-on homeschooler moms like me. You can check the scheules and the fees which includes the materials needed. See you!
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Homeschooler in Action

Hi mommies you are invited to join this wonderful event by the coffee bean tea leaf. As a homeschool mom I see to it that my child can volunteer in outreaches offered by companies or community. Being part of this event will enable my daughter to socialize with different children and will gain new experience.
You can also help the children by being part of this event.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blogger support Breastfeeding

Hi mommies, we would like to invite you to join this event. Nurture Run for the breasteeding moms and breastfeeding advocate. Let us support the breastfeeding community by being part of this event. See you!