Amazing Allura Spa and Aesthetic Center

The Spa

  • Allura Spa and Aesthetic Center is located at Unit 201-202 LOCB I, 18 East Avenue Corner, V. Luna Street, Pinyahan, Quezon City. It is the first and only branch (for now). Allura is located on the second floor of LOCB Building. They also have ample parking space, but since they are located in a commercial building parking is a bit hard due to fast food chains below.
  • Inside, you will immediately see the counter for the receptionist and there is a small wooden couch on the side. When you go further there is this half circle comfy couch with Allura’s sexy and sassy poster of a woman.
  • Allura may seem small, but when you roam around you will see how big the area is. They have Sauna Room, The Bali Inspired Massage Room, Separate Comfort Rooms for Men and Women and their Treatment Rooms for Lipocav, Derma and other beauty treatments.

The reception area

The Bali Inspired Massage Room

The way to the Sauna

Inside the Sauna Room

The Treatment

  • The treatment Allura let me try was Facial + RF in my own decision. Firts they cleanse my face with their products like scrubbing and moistirizing it. Then a cold after which they my face by removing my blackheads and white heads. Then I transferred to the next bed for the RF.  It’s not really painful, but you can feel the heat of the equipment that technician used Facial + RF. You will all feel a tingly feeling and like your skin is stretching.  By the way, they will ask if it's so hot then they will lower the temp of the equipment. After the treatment I felt so refresh not minding that my face is red and still hot.

                      Facial +RF treatment

Other Treatment

  • Allura has other treatments like Massages, Scrubs, Facials, Sauna steam bath and other non invasive dermatological treatments. (Please see photo below)

Don’t Miss

  • If you’re going to try Allura Spa and Aesthetic Center don’t forget to try their tummy tuck ventosa. A blogger colleague told me that she lost at least an inch after doing it. (Excited to try that out!)

The Price

  • Allura’s price for now is their introductory price. They may change it as the days goes by. I can say that it is very reasonable for every treatment. (Please see above photo for price list)

The Staff

  • Their staff is very well trained and very courteous.

Me with Chen she did my Facial +RF. Thanks Chen!

  • Overall, I can say that Allura will or can compete with its numerous competitors. They serve their clients very well and I love that the owner is always on the spa to check on things. The experience is very awesome and I can say that I will go back and try some of their massages and probably their tummy tuck ventosa.
Photo credits to Ms. Arcee Angob Miranda of the