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Merriot Hotel

Trip Advisor named Marriott Hotel Manila as a 2015 Travelers’ Choice Winner

Trip Advisor, the world's largest travel site, bestows Marriott Hotel Manila the prestigious 2015 Travelers’ choice award - Top 25 hotels in the Philippines. According to the site, “The 13th annual awards showcase 8,151 winning properties worldwide, covering eight regions around the globe. Travelers' Choice award winners were determined based on the millions of reviews and opinions collected in a single year from TripAdvisor travelers worldwide. The hallmarks of Travelers' Choice winners are remarkable service, quality and value”.

Marriott has built its reputation for superior customer service which even dates back to J. Willard Marriott’s original goal for his business: “good food and good service at a fair price.” The hotel takes pride in the details—every day, in every destination worldwide. General Manager Bruce Winton says “Pursuing excellence is deeply rooted in Marriott’s core values, it makes us who we are, and we are grateful for receiving this award. It is a stamp of approval that we are in the right direction. That, we are one with all the Marriott properties around the world, in giving more than 100% commitment in everything we do.”

Since the hotel opened in 2009, Marriott Manila came a long way from its historic beginnings. From being part of the first entertainment complex in the Philippines, it has grown and established itself to be one of the leading hotels in the Metro. There are no signs of stopping, as the hotel is launching another innovation, the opening of the highly anticipated Marriott Grand Ballroom on March 2015 and its new West Wing with 220 additional hotel rooms by next year. Marriott Hotel Manila’s continuing expansion attests to its commitment to excellent service to its guests.

For more information about Marriott Manila, call (63 2) 988-9999 or visit To join ongoing conversations, like, follow @marriottmanila on Twitter and @manilamarriott on Instagram.

About Marriott Hotel Manila

Marriott Hotel Manila stands as a centerpiece of the dynamic and exciting mixed-use development of Resorts World Manila. Ideally located in Newport City across NAIA Terminal 3 the hotel is a mere 15-minute drive from Bonifacio Global City and Makati Business District. Blessed with a splendid view of the adjoining 18-hole Villamor Golf Course, it boasts 342 exquisite guest rooms that offers luxurious bedding, high-speed internet, 40" full high definition LCDs with IPTV and the new remote jack pack plug-and-play system. Hotel facilities include Quan Spa, 6 meeting rooms and a Grand Ballroom, 5 superb restaurants, outdoor pool and a health club. Underway now is the expansion project, adding 228 Premier Rooms and a Grand Ballroom offering 8000 sqm of flexible function spaces, promising to be the pre-eminent venue in the Philippines for every event. | Phone: (632) 9889999 | Fax: (632) 8369998

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So much Johnson's

Baby Care Rituals for Happy, Healthy Development
Johnson’s® shares how moms and dads can stimulate
 their baby’s senses through these baby care rituals

JOHNSON’S® understands that for Filipino parents, their baby’s health and development is of primary importance. This is why we’ve developed sensorial rituals that parents can consistently enjoy doing with their babies. When used with our specially-formulated JOHNSON’S® products, these rituals can unlock the full power of the senses and help baby develop healthily and happily.

We encourage parents to learn more about these rituals, and regularly practice them with their children from birth up until their toddler years.

Newborns aged 0-6 months use their five senses to survive. Their senses allow them to feel safe, stab le and secure. JOHNSON’S® advocates newborn rituals for sensory security.

1.       4-Step Newborn Bathing Ritual – Calms the baby’s senses to help him feel more safe and secure.

a.       Step 1: Massage baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil to leave a warm protective barrier on his skin.
b.      Step 2: Wrap baby in a swaddle to mimic the feeling of the baby while inside the mother’s womb. This will make him feel safe and secure as you lower him down in a tub of lukewarm water. Using JOHNSON’S® Top-to-Toe Wash, start cleaning baby’s face first, and then slowly unwrap him to clean his body. This ensures that he isn’t stripped of his skin’s natural moisture.
c.       Step 3: Rinse baby and dry. Lock in the moisture with JOHNSON’S® Baby Pink Lotion.
d.      Step 4: Apply JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder on baby’s body, including the nappy area, to protect him from irritation-causing wetness and keep him comfortable.

2.       2-Step Soothing Nappy Care Ritual – Protects baby from irritation.

a.       Step 1: Use JOHNSON’S® Baby Skin Care Wipes, which has moisturizing essences that cleans and protects baby’s skin better than water and soap alone.
b.      Step 2: Before changing baby’s diaper, give baby’s skin complete protection with JOHNSON’S® Baby Complete Care Powder, which effectively absorbs and repels wetness, reduces skin friction, and soothes skin irritation from wearing diapers.

Infants (7 months to 2 years) use their senses to explore for rapid brain development. JOHNSON’S® advocates daily rituals for sensory discovery such as a playful bath of textures, sights and scents, and a calming bedtime routine for better sleep.

3.       4-Step Infant Bathing Ritual –Stimulates baby’s senses to help his development and growth.

a.     Step 1: Massage baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil to leave a warm protective barrier on his skin.
b.      Step 2: Cleanse baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Milk + Rice Bath to nourish his developing skin.
c.       Step 3: Rinse baby and dry. Lock in the moisture with JOHNSON’S® Baby Milk + Rice Lotion to strengthen growing skin with 200%* more nourishing ingredients.
d.      Step 4: Apply JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder Milk + Rice on baby’s body, including the nappy area, to complete skin nourishment and keep baby’s skin healthy, soft and smooth.

4.       4-Step Bedtime Ritual –Proven to improve baby’s sleep to help him grow and develop to his full potential.

a.       Step 1: Massage baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Oil  with NATURALCALM™ essences that help baby feel calm, relaxed and ready for better sleep.
b.      Step 2: Bathe baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Bath to help your little one let go of the day’s excitement
c.       Step 3: Rinse baby and dry. Massage with JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Lotion to foster mom and baby bonding and sooth & strengthen baby's skin.
d.      Step 4: Protect baby from wetness while helping him sleep better with JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Powder.

Children aged 2-5 years use their five senses to build an understanding of everything in the world. Their senses must be stimulated with hands-on activities that are the foundation for learning. JOHNSON’S® advocates sensory mastery, which includes getting ready for play and stimulation of each of the five physical senses.

5.       3-Step Playtime Ritual –Supports growing kid’s healthy sensorial development by making him ready for play

a.       Step 1: Bathe baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Active Fresh Bath. Its easy rinse formula is infused with ActiveFresh™ technology that leaves skin clean and smelling fresh all-day.
b.      Step 2: To let your child play outdoor more pleasantly, use JOHNSON’S® Baby Active Fresh Powder. It contains ActiveFresh™ technology bursts with fragrance upon contact with sweat, for long lasting fragrance all day.

c.       Step 3: Keep baby smelling fresh with JOHNSON’S® Baby Cologne that instantly energizes with an invigorating scent.

All of these rituals are made possible because every JOHNSON’S® product has Triple Baby Protection, which promises:
1)      Only the safest ingredients that are proven to be appropriate for babies
2)      Mild formulations to avoid irritation on baby’s skin
3)      Effectiveness in helping to keep skin’s natural moisture

We encourage moms and dads to make bath time and the other baby care rituals mean so much more to maximize their happy and healthy development. Make sure to spend more quality time with your babies in these different rituals  – massage them more, talk to them more, play with them more – to help nurture their ability to learn, think, love, and grow.

Bath Time Can Mean So Much More
JOHNSON’S® advocates “Di Lang Ligo ang Ligo,”
leading a campaign for multi-sensorial stimulation during bath time
 for Why happy, healthy baby development

Can bath time be so much more than cleansing? Beyond giving parents precious moments to bond with their little ones, can bath time actually have a powerful and long-term impact on a baby’s development?

In line with its commitment to advancing baby care, JOHNSON’S® conducted the Global Bath Time Report among seven key countries to better understand how parents view bath time and its role in the development of babies. The report revealed that while 96% of parents in the Philippines* believe that bath time is so much more than just getting their child clean, 45% do not see that it is extremely important for cognitive development*. This could be the reason why the Philippines has the shortest bath time duration for babies—15 minutes vs. the global average of 23 minutes.

Research has shown that bath time is actually a great opportunity to stimulate baby’s senses because it is a time when babies’ senses are very much alive. Further studies prove that multisensory stimulation can strongly aid in promoting happy and healthy baby development.  With this in mind, JOHNSON’S® paves the way for a brighter future for Filipino babies by educating parents on the role of sensorial stimulation during the bath time ritual, which can lead to happy, healthy baby development.

Bath time: a potent opportunity to promote cognitive and physical development

“Bath time can be so much more than getting clean. Multisensory stimulation rituals can aid in promoting happy and healthy baby development leading to specific benefits such as increased weight gain and bone mass, reduced stress, crying and better quality and quantity of sleep,” shares Dr. Didoy Castañeda, Asia Pacific Medical & Clinical Affairs Director. With opportunities for touch, sight, smell, and sound, the bath is among the key baby care rituals parents can use to nurture baby.  

“Mahirap pero masaya,” shared Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, JOHNSON’S® celebrity mom influencer, when asked about being a mom. “As a first-time mom, you would like to ensure that you are truly hands-on when it comes to taking care of your baby. It’s been a year since Philip came into my life and I can truly say that it has been nothing short of exciting and challenging at the same time. What I truly enjoy are the baby care rituals I share with him, especially bath time. I am happy to know how bath time provides opportune moments for me to stimulate his senses - especially touch and smell - to aide in his total development,” Rica adds.

“Apart from massage, other ways the senses can be activated especially during bath time include the playing of music and games, and the use of fragranced products. Pleasant smells, particularly, when paired with the loving interactions of a parent, can create positive and lasting memories that children will remember for a lifetime. Fragranced products are known to increase infant engagement, helping mothers bond with their babies, and helping babies stay calm and relaxed for a more prolonged period of time,” adds Mr. Arun Viswanath, Asia Pacific, Science & Technology head at Givaudan Fragrances.

Dramatic growth in a child’s physical, motor, cognitive and social-emotional development is very much dependent on the stimulation a parent provides in the first several years of a child’s life.  Touch is a powerful tool to maintain alert state in babies, to calm them or as an attention-getting stimulus. Touch is also a good reinforcer for positive infant behavior and learning,” added Dr. Theresa Hilario-Jimenez, President of the Perinatal Association of the Philippines, sharing the importance of touch or skin-to-skin contact with babies, which are most evident during bath time.

Johnson’s Philippines shares “Di Lang Ligo ang Ligo”

“As the world gradually expands for a baby, the role of parents in supporting early positive experiences and growth through stimulation is of utmost importance. A complete and healthy baby care ritual firstly involves optimally-formulated products to enhance a baby’s skin barrier, while maximizing these moments to promote positive physical and cognitive growth. This is made possible through our TRIPLE BABY PROTECTION™ present in every JOHNSON’S® product, which is our commitment to providing care that combines safety, mildness and effectiveness to support babies’ healthy skin development,” shares Mrs. Trina Tanlapco, JOHNSON’S® Franchise Marketing Manager. “Through the SO MUCH MORE™ campaign we also hope to inspire parents nationwide to make bath time mean so much more and spend more quality time during bath time, not only to provide a delightful experience for her child, but to optimize these precious moments for their healthy development,” she adds.

The global campaign, SO MUCH MORE™, is about enhancing rituals, including bath time, to stimulate baby’s senses and provide parents an opportunity to nurture baby’s ability to learn, think, love and grow. “We are very serious about our goals and are taking our commitment an additional step further by showing the power of multi-sensorial experiences in daily rituals, such as bath time. What this means for us in the Global Franchise Organization is that every JOHNSON’S® product is specially designed with baby in mind and meets our BEST FOR BABY™ standards, which is backed by the best science,” shares Michael Wasden, Senior Marketing Manager, JOHNSON’S® Global Franchise Organization.  

We encourage moms and dads to spend more quality time with their babies, especially during bath time. Make bath time mean so much more. To know more about Johnson’s and how you can enhance your baby’s bath time experience, visit

*About the Survey
The JOHNSON’S® Global Bath Time Report was sponsored by JOHNSON’S® and conducted online by Harris Poll in November 2014 among 3,574 parents of 0-3 year olds aged 21 and older in Brazil, Canada, China, India, Philippines, UK and US (484+ per country and 500 in the Philippines). To access the full survey results, contact us. 

As the Company’s flagship sustainability program in the Philippines, JOHNSON & JOHNSON BRIGHTER FUTURE™ takes a multi-pronged and collaborative approach towards saving and improving the lives of mothers, infants and young children. JOHNSON & JOHNSON BRIGHTER FUTURE™ reflects the Company’s citizenship and sustainability priorities in the Philippines, of addressing maternal and infant mortality, waste management and recycling. It is a commitment to accelerate the achievement of Millennium Development Goals four and five and is also a call for collective action: that together we can and will leave our world a little better than when we found it for the benefit of our Nation’s babies.


For years, JOHNSON’S® has been committed to the happy and healthy development of all babies. Going beyond safe, mild and gentle products, the brand believes in enriching baby care rituals that unlock and release the full power of the senses. Nothing is more important to JOHNSON’S® than ensuring a stimulating start and a vibrant future for babies around the world and empowering families and health care professionals. Because JOHNSON’S® knows, when it comes to bringing up baby, more is more. As the No. 1 baby skin care brand for over 100 years, JOHNSON’S® has been advancing baby science and setting the standards in baby care. JOHNSON’S® offers baby and adult products in over 175 countries.

Events Photos:

The Event was hosted by Ms. Rica Peralejo. it was graced by differeny Doctors who talked about the importance of bathing.

Ms. Rica also demonstrated the proper way of bathing babies.

More Photos:

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Jolly University

The much awaited Inter-School Cook-off

See the creativity of each group,using the products of jolly ace.

Be there on March 7 for the grand finals.

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Innogen's Innovation

Valianz, Valsartan and Amlodepine in 1

Flow invite
Last night’s event with InnoGen was a blast there are a lot of doctors and partners (plus us Media people) who attended the event. The event is about the launch of their newest medicine, Valianz. The product launch theme entitled FLOW represents the life sustaining fluid flowing in the human body called BLOOD. The amount of blood that flows in the body is approximately 5 liters.
This volume of blood that transports the nutrients needed by the body exerts pressure in the veins and arteries. Too much pressure results into a condition known as hypertension. To address this condition, InnoGen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is introducing a new anti-hypertensive medicine which is a combination of two proven molecules, an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (ARB) and Calcium Channel Blocker (CCB).
This new product will enable physicians and patients to bridge the gap between EFFICACY and AFFORDABILITY in hypertension therapy. It will also improve the patients’ adherence to the medication, improving quality of life and ensuring success in therapy. Valianz is very affordable at P45 for the highest dosage and P29.50 for the lowest dosage
package 3d sample valianz plus 5 mg - 160 mgpackage 3d sample valianz plus 10 mg - 160 mgpackage 3d sample valianz plus 5 mg - 80 mg
The newest product is a 2-in-1 medicine which helps hypertensive people to take Valsartan and Amlodepine in just one capsule. The event was really successful, they served a very sumptuous dinner and all the guest are graced by the very sexy and funny Ms. Giselle Sanchez and serenade by Christian Bautista.
InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the Company that is making a difference in the pharmaceutical industry; our mission is geared towards improving existing products into new forms making them acceptable drugs that are cost-effective but of excellent quality, that will redound to the benefit and welfare of the end-users.
InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc. resulted from the fusion of nine Filipino-owned pharmaceutical companies which was initiated in June, 2010. From the different therapeutic class of products; it now has the following areas of concentration: the Cardio-Metabolic Division, the Allergy, Respiratory, Anti-infectives and Women’s Health Division, and the CNS and Gastro Division.
InnoGen, as characterized by the catchphrase “Innovating Generics,” is proud to be the first national company that has provided second to innovator pharmaceutical products, most of which are off-patent molecules. These products have passed the highest quality standards since these are manufactured by a reputable and ISO certified contract toll manufacturer: Lloyd Laboratories, Inc.
InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., will continue its commitment to be the World-class innovator in healthcare solutions in the service of Filipinos primarily; and for the people worldwide – in the near future. We have currently started our operations in Vietnam; soon InnoGen will be expanding globally with marketing operations in Asia, South America, South Africa, and Europe.
People with Hypertension must try their newest product, but please ask your doctor before taking it.

Event Photos:

New Honda Click 125i the “future of scooters”.

Manila, Philippines, February 18, 2015– Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) officially announces the introduction of New Honda Click 125i, dubbed as the “future of scooters”.
The Honda Scooter revolution continues from the unique concept of Honda Zoomer-X which is the 1st scooter of its kind to Honda CLICK 125i which is another Philippines’ 1st scooter of its kind never seen before in the Philippine market. This model will surely capture the hearts of every Filipino customer not only for the young generation, but for the young at heart as well.
Equipped with New Generation Intelligent 125cc global engine with cutting edge technological features developed simultaneously with other Honda-dominated-scooter countries like Thailand and Indonesia.
“The Click 125i is our answer to customers who are looking for Environmental friendly SuperSports Scooter with superior specification, unbeatable features and “futuristic” design. Fortunately for Philippine scooter market, we are not going to wait for the future, but the future will be now with the introduction of the New Click 125i eSP”, says Elie Salamangkit Jr. – New Model & Accessory Development Manager of Honda Philippines.
The Click 125i presents an aggressive and sporty design with a sleek and innovative look based on the image of the new engine featuring cutting-edge technology and an exhilarating ride, while projecting a “slim & sharp” futuristic image”.
Honda Click 125I
Asteroid Black Metallic
Honda Click 125I
Pearl Horizon White
Honda Click 125I
Candy Rosy Red

PGM-FI, a technology pioneered by Honda since the introduction of Honda CX500Turbo in 1982, the 1st in the world Fuel Injected Motorcycle is also used in this model. However, the innovation is not focused on the Fuel injection of this scooter. Every aspect that was developed in the Click 125i is Honda’s effort in providing products that delivers better benefits and exceeds customer expectations.
Honda’s dedication to provide the Joy of riding a motorcycle is clearly demonstrated in the use of the revolutionary HONDA SMART TECHNOLOGY.The Click 125i brings future technology to the present with cut-away (eSP), Idling Stop System(ISS) and trendsetter Combined Brake System(CBS).innovations never seen before in the local motorcycle history such as Enhance Smart Power 
While it does not have a “sixth sense” and cannot predict your thoughts or where you want to go, the Click 125i, has its own version of eSP and knows what riders want from their scooters.
Honda’s eSP or Enhanced Smart Power is an advance engine technology that combines high power and high fuel efficiency with a quiet start and smooth eco-friendly engine. eSP technology is able to maximize the efficient combustion and minimize friction to reduce the risk of waste, and to optimize the energy out. eSP technology is integrated with the Unique Honda ACG starter that is able to start the engine jolt free and with a more refined sound, as well as the basis for the application of advanced feature Idling Stop System (ISS). The benefit of Honda Smart Technology is further optimized with the advent of technology Combi-Brake System (CBS) which balances braking the rear wheels and front optimally.
The Honda ACG starter is exclusively developed for comfortable frequent operation of the idling Stop System. The engine is started via the same AC generator used to generate electricity and charge the battery while riding. This eliminates the need for a conventional starter motor, thus there are no reduction gears and gear meshing noises… just smooth, quiet starts.
The PGM-FI built-in Liquid cooled engine boasts of 8.40 kW (11.4PS) @8500 RPM maximum power and 11.16 N.m @6500 RPM maximum torque and delivers class leading fuel efficiency of 64.3 km/liter at 50kph or 58.9KM/liter under ECE R40 testing method  *<Actual fuel consumption may be higher or lower depending on drivers habit and actual driving condition>.
The Idling Stop System (ISS) of the Click 125i is one of the reasons for its fuel efficiency. Compared to the conventional engine which continuously consumes fuel once the engine is started, ISS eliminates wasteful fuel consumption by automatically switching the engine off after 3 seconds in traffic lights and other brief stops; and when you have to move all you have to do is just to twist the throttle to Start up and Go in less than a second.
In addition, the New Honda Click 125i eSP also features dependable Honda Safety and Security features like standard automatic Side Stand Switch where the engine does not start up when in the down position, and Brake Lock easily operated to prevent the motor jump when started or remains in the idle state when stopped on a hill. Bigger tubeless tires for better traction and more secure feeling and comfort compared to other brands. Another excellent feature is the ever reliable safety magnetic key (Magnetic Key Shutter) which effectively prevents theft and push-button seat opener. The New Honda Click 125i eSP also has the largest luggage capacity in its class at 18 liters which is capable of storing a Full-face helmet.
Image of this Futuristic Super Sport Scooter is complemented by its Trendsetter LCD Meter Panel and class leading Dual Keen Eyes LED Headlight projecting a commanding “Night-Face-Image”. The LED headlight provides a better advantage for the rider through 80% higher light intensity, 80% more efficient power consumption, and longer lifetime.
Finally, the Adoption of a wide range of low-friction technologies and Excellent Combustion Efficiency of this engine ensures Click 125i’s better fuel efficiency and better total all-around performance.  
With the latest technology and appearance, the All New Honda Click 125i is offered at a reasonable price of SRP PhP 87,900.00 andavailable in 3 premium colors, Pearl Horizon White, Asteroid Black Metallic and Candy Rosy Red with Honda Genuine Accessories in selected Honda 3S shops.
Now, the future is here… the New Click 125i driven by the Power of Dreams…
For more information, visit

Event Launching Photos:
        one honda click 125I was raffled

               and the lucky winner